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The Value Of The Security Of Limousines Safety

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Senator Charles Schumer states that light is yet another fatal stretch limo crash throughout the U.S that he wants the government security agencies to begin testing stretch limousines as well as aftermarket motor coaching staff to improve their security. Schumer argues that often cars transformed to limousines neglect adequate safety measures including airbags with sturdy frames. Some would even lack an exit door when transferred into a limousine. It’s New York Times ‘ Rick Rojas provides insight as to why converted limos pose a pedestrian safety risk.

“An ordinary vehicle is reduced by half to create a stretch limousine, or plates will be used to cover the ground and the roof. Pillars throughout the vehicle usually form part of a protective structure around the passenger compartment throughout conventional cars, extending from the ceiling to the ground. But the seating spaces are usually not covered by the columns in a stretch limousine. “He continues,” Since seats are reconfigured in stretched limousines, the normal standards of security from side-impact collisions do not apply.

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There have been almost no safety guidelines in the United States for just the design of stretch limos. “There are very few safety procedures for stretched limo construction that even those who change them admit there’s almost no regulation,” says Eyewitness Reports ‘ Jim Hoffer.

Before somebody decides to regulate its coachbuilders, his unfortunate people must die. While safety regulations vary from others in Ontario in the United States, that circumstance gives rise to a major and often forgotten part of the limo boarding process.

But if you are planning on hiring a limousine, tell the limo service here about the security of their cars. if you and your friends/family it will be riding down and in a limo, it now’s important to carefully to make sure it is also a safe mode of transport only at limo builders, in our top priority right is security and cars. They also carry out regular checks through preventive maintenance.

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Why Limo Builders?

Limousine Builders have over 29 years with limousine practice, but we have been to many of these drivers for decades. Families and their teenagers will be treated in the same manner every time something goes wrong as limo builders do all their customers, and we hope to make you a lifelong customer.

Limousine Guarantee

Many big is limousine services overbook and can even cause chaos and the last-minute stress at the prom or commencement schedule to a  guarantee what your children end up to where they need to. We’re never double-booking at a Limo Builder. Limo builders promise you’ll have to the vehicle you’ve wanted and it would be on time.

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Safety Is the First Priority

Important to ensure that your kids get to prom any graduating party safely seems to be the number one concern of each family, and it is also the priority. Limo builders come in handy for many purposes like wedding etc. Lucio at most of the times are very professional, friendly and courteous.